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Angular Virtual Conference 2020

Angular Virtual Conference 2020 is one of the 2020 Twenty technology conferences.

July 2020 Frontend
Alex Okrushko Alex Okrushko

Alex Okrushko

Local state management with @ngrx/component-store

July 2020 Frontend
Ankit Sharma Ankit Sharma

Ankit Sharma

Internationalization in Angular

July 2020 Frontend
Debasis Saha Debasis Saha

Debasis Saha

Implement API Communication and Authentication using Angular

July 2020 Frontend
Jan-Niklas Wortmann Jan-Niklas Wortmann

Jan-Niklas Wortmann

Practice makes perfect - when it comes to RxJS

July 2020 Frontend
Michael Hladky Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky

Fully Zone-Less - High-Performance Angular applications in post IVY

July 2020 Frontend
Minko Gechev Minko Gechev

Minko Gechev

The State of Angular

July 2020 Frontend
Natalia Venditto Natalia Venditto

Natalia Venditto

Welcome to the JAM Stack with Angular and Scully

July 2020 Frontend
Nishu Goel Nishu Goel

Nishu Goel

Building libraries with Angular

July 2020 Frontend
Pankaj Parkar Pankaj Parkar

Pankaj Parkar

Power of Angular Forms

July 2020 Frontend
Santosh Yadav Santosh Yadav

Santosh Yadav

Let's Optimize an Angular App

July 2020 Frontend
Siddharth Ajmera Siddharth Ajmera

Siddharth Ajmera

The Present and the Future of Angular with Ivy

July 2020 Frontend
Srashti Jain Srashti Jain

Srashti Jain

Improving Startup Performance with Angular Lazy Loading